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How VR Helped With Intimacy and Sexual Relationships

I’ll admit that like many guys out there, I tend to get a little nervous when I’m talking to a beautiful woman.  Maybe I’m setting my bar too high or relying on expectations that aren’t there but most of the time it all comes down to confidence.

This uneasy feeling can extent well past meeting someone for the first time or even the first date. When it comes down to it, every new experience in a brand new relationship can be nerve-racking. The first time you kiss, the first time you stay over and even the first time you have sex…all can be pivotal make-or-break moments.


9 Ways To Combat VR Motion Sickness

Tips to Combat VR Motion Sickness

Strap on those VR goggles and sit back, you might be in for quite a surprise, because along with those amazing visuals some people are reporting a feeling similar to motion sickness. Also referred to as simulator sickness, it’s an induced form of motion sickness.