Best Paid VR App Reviews

Best Paid VR Apps

While there exists a plethora of free VR apps for you to try out, paid VR apps are where the real virtual reality experiences are at! Most paid apps are very affordable and a lot of fun to play. In this review, I’ll be covering the best paid apps, ranging from smartphone-based VR to high-end experiences on devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

1.) Caaaaardboard! (Smartphone)

Caaaaardboard is a freefall VR game where you’re falling down through a glittery cityscape. The object of the game is to pass through colored point blocks while avoiding platforms that will kill you. Caaaaardboard makes excellent use of VR gaming mechanics by giving you control over your falling trajectory by looking around. With quick reflexes and steely nerves, you should be able to jump right into Caaaaardboard immediately and have an immensely fun time. Just be sure to designate some gaming space in the real world wherever you play this game.  Caaaaardboard was developed by Dejobaan Games LLC and is rated E for everyone.

Take the plunge with Caaaaardboard!

2.) Minos Starfighter VR  (Smartphone)

Minos Starfighter VR is rated E 10 and is a fun VR treat where you pilot a spaceship and try to blow up enemy starfighters before they blow you up. From the get go, Starfighter VR brings that nostalgic “Wing Commander” look and feel into VR territory with crisp graphics and smooth gameplay mechanics. You won’t need to overcome any learning curve whatsoever when you climb into your neon-splashed cockpit and start blasting away. Flight navigation is done by moving your head around and your touch button activates your laser cannon. The 3D effect of flying around is intoxicatingly fun as you gain more power-ups to defeat increasingly enormous enemy freighters. Minos Starfighter VR is very cheap and definitely worth the price.

Set your sights on Minos Starfighter VR from Orange Bridge Studios Inc.

3.) Proton Pulse (Smartphone)

Remember those “Break Out” styled video games of old where you bounce energy balls to destroy walls? Proton Pulse is basically a “Break Out” VR reimagining with the game’s perspective taking full advantage of the VR 3D effect. Instead of controlling a bar in left and right directions, you use your head to play. In the beginning, you may experience some trouble nailing the trajectories but that’s just because you’re not used to it. I know I wasn’t. But as I kept playing, the game became very addictive as I adapted to the new perspective. Proton Pulse VR comes with loads of levels, special power-ups and a catchy soundtrack. Recommended.  This game is rated E for everyone.

Experience action from a new perspective with Proton Pulse from ZeroTransform LLC

4.) Rec Room (Oculus/Vive)

Rec Room - VR App Review

Rec Room – VR App Review

Rec Room is a fantastic VR game for the Oculus/HTC Vive where you wander around a zany virtual “YMCA” setting. After assigning yourself an avatar, you enter the Rec Room and discover that you can play loads of different games with other online users from around the world. There’s many of activities to do in this game from Paintball, 3D charades,  Disc Golf, Dodgeball, Paddle Ball and much, much more. The first thing you’ll notice about Rec Room VR is the level of immersive freedom you have. You can manipulate objects with easy and subtle functionality. Games are off-the-charts fun and graphically, Rec Room is very inviting and deliriously fun-inducing. Moving from one spot to another is done by teleporting. Instant navigation from game room to game room is easily down by “looking” at your watch. As for online multiplayer, you can play with friends you know or strike up a match with practically anybody in the VR world. Extremely recommended.

Get Rec Room from Steam today.

Rec Room VRApp

Rec Room – VR Game

5.) Job Simulator (Oculus/Vive)

Job Simulator - VR App Review

Job Simulator – VR Game Review

Job Simulator is a cheeky VR gem that makes doing menial tasks insanely fun. With its awesome virtual reality presentation and perfect scale, you will fall immediately into game immersion as soon as you strap on your Vive or Oculus headset. The first job I chose to play was the chef. I marveled at the smooth animations such as my sink transforming into oven as I rushed to find a plate for my overdone bacon. The VR aspect is so detailed and convincing that at one point, I was smashing dishes on the ground just to admire the realistic physics. The game itself is actually pretty rewarding to play too. Anything you would do in real-life such as pouring coffee, turning knobs, manipulating handles, even juggling all take on a surreal kind of lucid dream feeling when performing them in virtual reality. This is not just for kids by any stretch of the imagination. The VR games industry is still very young and until we get the holy grail of VR games that really galvanizes and excites the gaming community, we’re going to keep getting more of these simulation titles. That’s not a knock as many people have yet to try VR and the ones who have are still delighted by the “wow” factor.  

You can play Job Simulator from Owlchemy Labs across multiple platforms, get it from Steam here.

Job Simulator - VR App

Job Simulator – VR Game

6.) Trials of Tatooine (Oculus/Vive)

Trials on Tatooine - VR App Review

Trials on Tatooine VR game – R2D2

Thanks to this Star Wars simulator, you can finally live out your dream of wielding a lightsaber! More than anything, Trials on Tatooine is a glorified demo but given the fresh state of VR gaming, any immersive demo is worth experiencing, especially one modeled after Star Wars. Taking place after the events of Return of the Jedi, you’ll find yourself fixing the Millennium Falcon and protecting R2D2 from hordes of Storm Troopers. You will feel an indescribably exhilarating thrill when your lightsaber first sparks up in your hand. You’ll marvel at yourself when you deflect laser blasts right back at pesky Stormtroopers. As fun as it is, I don’t see many people playing through this demo too many times. The story is extremely short but it’s still a breathtaking experience for any Star Wars fan, casual or diehard.

Take on the whole Empire yourself with Trials on Tatooine.

Trials on Tatooine

Trials on Tatooine VR game

7.) Tilt Brush (Oculus/Vive)

Tilt Brush - VR App Review

Tilt Brush – Drawing in VR

Tilt Brush is an amazing multi-sensory VR game that will instantly make you feel like a painting virtuoso. Let’s be clear. Tilt Brush is not MS Paint for VR. You can literally create a whole universe of finely detailed and visually stunning works of art. Clone, stamp, texture, and creatively manipulate anything you want using the most vibrant color palette and interface ever created. In this magical 3D space, you can observe your psychedelic art from all angles. This is truly mind-blowing stuff. I can’t recommend this enough!

Read more about Tilt Brush or get Tilt Brush on Steam

Tilt Brush - VR App Review

Tilt Brush – VR Drawing App

8.) Space Pirate Trainer (Oculus/Vive)

Space Pirate Trainer VR App

Space Pirate Trainer VR App

Space Pirate Trainer is a great example of how basic tried-and-true game mechanics take on a whole different meaning when coupled with virtual reality. Take the first person shooter genre for example. Even with the slickest FPS games out right now, the genre has pretty gone as far as it will go. But with virtual reality first person shooters like Space Pirate Trainer – you’ll be completely blown away. For starters, your laser guns that you’re holding aren’t regular console controllers, but badass futuristic-looking swag cannons. Thanks to the haptic feedback, my brain was convinced that I was actually holding these laser guns in my hands. It also helps that the laser guns are reproduced with excruciating detail when viewing the game through your VR headset. Space Pirate Trainer comes with a great, rousing soundtrack and the graphics are very pleasing to the eye. The object of the game is to shoot down attacking drones while dodging or blocking enemy fire by physically moving out of the way, or using your energy shield to block. The game is not easy and requires quick reflexes and some marksmanship to advance. But the only thing you’ll be thinking is how utterly cool this game makes you feel.

Learn more at or search for Space Pirate Trainer on Steam to try it yourself.

Space Pirate Trainer - VR Game

Space Pirate Trainer – VR Shooting Game

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